Leadership Mantra: Anticipation.

Source: Herbert (photographer)

Anticipating needs is the ultimate goal!

Finding solutions, by anticipating the demands of the members of your team, your customers or prospects, it’s a tremendous advantage.

Imagine you meet someone who is interested in you, and situations that you need to adjust in your life, before you meet how you would feel you?

I think the answer is simple; VERY WELL!

Be proactive and attentive to those around you will always be a benefit to all parties.

  • For you, because you’ll be ready and comfortable with most situations.
  • For the other person, because she feels taken seriously, respected and above all understood.

What can we offer more to show our interest in our next? Because it’s a win-win situation that is, in my opinion, the only way to leading to a harmonious and sustainable relation, who is based on trust and respect.

By acting in this way it will change the view that the entourage has of you, and also the way how they will behave with you.

You will quickly discover that there are many benefits to being in the anticipation and empathy.

As a leader we know that we must be able to anticipate situations and demands of our team. This will allow us to provide effective support for faster progress towards goals.

For this reason, I encourage you to make every effort to become a proactive leader who knows anticipate the need from his surroundings.

WIN – WIN … is the only option!

27 thoughts on “Leadership Mantra: Anticipation.

  1. I think you’ve struck on the key words when it comes to the successful practice of anticipation: imagination and empathy. One can’t anticipate the needs of another without understanding where they are coming from and where they want to go, since those experiences and desires will be probably be different from your own, it takes imagination to be able empathize with that other person and figure out what is they they’ll need, not necessarily what you think they should need.

    P.S. I think you’ve got an extra “you” in that second sentence. I had to read it a few times to try to suss out what you were getting at.

    • Yes, it’s exactly my thoughts about this subject.
      Please can you say me how I should write the sentence for better comprehension. I know, my English skills are very poor. Thank you for your support!

  2. This is another great post, Martin! Very important points are made here. We all know the Golden rule : “you should treat others the way YOU want to be treated”. Someone also formulated the Platinum rule “Treat others the way THEY want to be treated” and that is becoming known.
    There is another degree or angle that someone referred to as The Double Platinum Rule: “treat others the way they don’t even know they want to be treated” which means anticipate, anticipate, anticipate. Don’t simply meet your customer’s expectations, but EXCEED them.
    When I was reading your post, I remembered reading about this principle. In my mind your article highlights this approach and resonates very well with the Double Platinum Rule, giving all needed understanding and focus. Thank you, Martin!

    • It is certain that we can always do one more step towards the client or the people around us. Provided that we understand the meaning and usefulness. Thank you for enriching this article with your knowledge and advice Ed.

  3. Hi Martin,

    What’s your saying makes sense, and is a good advice, especially the advice about being proactive.

    However, being proactive has to be coupled with delegation, because at one point you will have to deal with many people simultaneously, and you cannot do it alone, you need to start delegating even these follow-ups.

    Delegation skills are very important to a leader, at least when that leader is a project manager.

    • Oh yes, you’re totally right. I think I’ll write a post about this very important subject in the next few weeks. It’s not only important, I think it’s also an important quality for a leader to do so. Thank you for your remark.

  4. Glad to have stumbled across your blog! Loved this post! Most required Most lacked skill is Anticipation. Very important as you rightly pointed out for a ‘win-Win’ situation.

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