Leadership mantra: Patience.

Patience is the secret of great success stories!

Have you ever rush things or running out of patience? Without even knowing you, I think I can answer very easily in the affirmative?

If you think back, what have you gained? Here too, I am sure to can say that it was nothing good.

For this reason and as pointed out, rightly, Ralph Waldo Emerson, we should inspire us from nature.

Like the roots of a tree or path marked out by water, patience always end up overcome and become stronger with time passing. Further, if you look closer, it’s finally what each leader wants and must aim to advance in his quest for success.

What we also can learn from nature is that it’s not always the one that appears to be the strongest who ended up taking the upper hand. 

As a leader we know that patience is essential to achieve our goals and give a chance to members of our team so they can move at their pace and in according of their motivations.

For this reason, I encourage you to remember the strength of the roots of a tree, when the desire to be impatient will try to overwhelm you!

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